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Creating Database Search Alerts: EbscoHost

keep updated on recently published research by creating alerts within popular databases.

Creating Alerts in EbscoHost:

EbscoHost Databases
Note: You must have an EbscoHost Account to create email alerts  
  1. Enter your search into the search box
  2. On the results page, click on the drop-down "Alert/Save/Share" link
  3. Select email Alert
  4. At bottom of page, click on advanced settings
  5. Create the alert name, expand search across multiple databases (if you add databases to your original search, you must recheck ALL the databases you would like to search)
  6. Select "alert" for "save search As" option
  7. Set alert parameters -- frequency, publication date, alert duration, alert display options, and email properties
  8. To cancel alerts, you must log-in to your EbscoHost account

 To set-up an RSS Feed for your search, click on the "Create RSS Feed" link on the search result page.  Copy the RSS feed address and enter the address into your RSS Reader of choice.  Once an email alert is created, a corresponding RSS feed address is created that can be copied and added to your RSS Reader.

Alerts for Specific Journals

EbscoHost offers RSS feeds for a specific journals entire contents.  Remember: you must have an EbscoHost account to enable Journal Alerts!

  1. Click on Publications at the top of the page
  2. Using the publication search or alphabetical title browse, locate the journals you are interested in following.
  3. Click on the link for the specific journal, to access the holdings page for that journal
  4. Click on "Alert/Save/Share" link
  5. Choose to receive an email alert or RSS Feed
  6. For email, set alert parameters -- email address, subject, email format, email contents, results formats and full-text only
  7. For RSS Feed, copy the feed address into the RSS Reader of your choice
  8. Click Save Alert

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