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Note-taking and Information Management for Humanities & Social Sciences Research: Tools, Techniques, Tips: Software



Learn how to use Zotero

  • Free
  • Web-based add on for Firefox
  • Citations with notes
  • Notes as "index cards" linked to citations
  • Excellent at capturing publicly available web pages
  • Beware: doesn't interface well with all databases


  • Has to be purchased (updating requires re-purchase)
  • Desktop based (with web-based companion)
  • Interfaces seamlessly and powerfully with most databases
  • Notes as "documents" linked to citations



  • Free
  • Requires installation onto the desktop
  • Organizes and allows annotation of pdfs-automatically names pdfs with article titles
  • Beware: doesn't interace well with all databases
  • backups onto the web

    Papers (Mac Only)



    Not primarily intended for academic use but:

      • free and subscription version
      • clean interface and easy to use
      • notes as digital "sticky notes" or "index cards"
      • web-based and mobile; automatically synchornizes
      • Beware: doesn't handle citations; notes aren't linked to citations
      • not originally designed for scholars
      • subscription version seaches the text of pdf


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            Delicious for Bookmarks

            • Free
            • Firefox Plug-in
            • Super easy way to bookmark and organize bookmarks


            Scrivener (used to be Macintosh only; now available for PC)

            • Designed as writing software, rather than information/citation manager
            • Must be purchased and installed
            • Notes as index cards
            • Writing and notes together
            • Prints notes as notecards

            Adobe Pro

            Adobe Acrobat Pro

            Allows highlighting, sticky notes, etc. for pdfs

            Built in OCR capability

            Comparison of adobe features

            Cost= extremely reasonable at Campus Store with Cornell discount


            Google Tools