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AEM 1200 (Summer): Stock Presentation (summer)

An intensive three-week course

Stock Presentation

  Your stock presentation contains the following:

  • Brief Description of each company including its history, products, and target market
  • Comparison of relevant financial information (along with your commentary on the comparisons). Financial information should include revenues, change in revenues, net income and change in net income.
  • Comparison of stock market information for each of the companies (along with your commentary on the comparisons). Stock market information should include current stock price, earnings per share, and price/earnings ratio.
  • Graph comparing the movement of the stock prices for the two companies over the past year
  • Opinions of financial analysts, including buy/sell recommendations for each of the companies.
  • Your assessment of the future of each of the companies: Do you expect the company’s performance to increase (or decrease) in the future? Why or why not?


Where do I look?

  1. Databases: Mergent Online. Take me there.
    Click here for a video on how to use Mergent to find Financial Ratios.  
    Click here for a video on how to use Mergent's Report Builder.
  2. Databases:  Business Insights: Essentials. 
    Click here for a video on how to use Business Insights: Essentials.

  3. Databases: ThomsonOne (make sure to use Internet Explorer)

Subject Guide

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