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Grants & Fellowships in the Humanities & Social Sciences: Home

Guide accompanies the Olin Library workshop of the same title.


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Susette Newberry
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Why get a grant?

  • Fellowships
  • Travel Residencies
  • Arts & cultural projects
  • Research
  • Dissertation writing
  • Post-doctoral research
  • Excellent CV/resume builder

Scope of this workshop:

Introduction to finding grant and funding sources for individuals, in support of research, scholarship and other academic pursuits.

Introduction to finding information about foundations and grant agencies that fund research conducted by nonprofit organizations and institutions

Please note: We do not cover funding opportunities that support group projects.

Grant? Fellowship? Award?

Fellowships – support study, training and related activities at Graduate level. Usually, no repayment necessary.

Grants – funding to support innovative efforts, creative projects, travel, projects, research. Usually no repayment necessary.

Awards – competitions, prizes, honoraria, in recognition of personal accomplishment, research results, creative writing, or other achievements.

Source: Foundation Directory online

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