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AEM 1200/2200: Introduction to Business Management: Section 9. Strategic Action

Components of the Strategic Action Section

The Strategic Action section contains the following:

  1. Examine a significant strategic action recently undertaken at the company under the aegis of the current CEO.  These may include reorganizations, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, new/revamped product lines or retail formats, productivity or HR related initiatives, etc.  (please be aware that this is NOT an exhaustive list)
  2. How is this action meant to improve the company's competitiveness?
  3. What are the major obstacles the company faces regarding this action?
  4. Will the company succeed?

  Where do I look

In addition to looking in above resources, browse the list of Business and Management databases from Cornell University Libraries to see if others, such as Business Insights: Essentials have the information you're looking for. 



Some of the possible topics to research in this section may be difficult to find information about.  Productivity inititatives and HR initiatives are two examples of information that companies like to keep internal.  What they do release will be what they want the public to see, and thus has the potential to be either vague or biased.  

Information on reorganizations, expansions and mergers and acquisitions typically will be announced, either in a corporate filing, or in certain databases.  For example, ThomsonOne and CapitalIQ are speciality databases that tend to work well for identifying Mergers and Aquisitions.  For both of these resources, once you've identified the M&A, you will want to get more details on it from the resources listed to left.

Thomson One will only work in Internet Explorer.  Click here for a quick guide on how to use Thomson One.

Visit here to get an account for Capital IQ.


Getting help with the assignment

  Getting Help

  1. First and foremost, please watch the videos available in this guide. They will show you how to use the resources, and therefore find the information you need.
  2. If you need clarifications on the assignment, such as ratios or what each section means, please ask your TAs
  3. For questions about resources and research, Please visit the NEED HELP? page on this guide.

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