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Hip Hop Users Guide: Conference@Cornell

Born in the Bronx: A Conference Celebrating Hip-Hip@Cornell (Online)

         Opening of the two-day conference marking Cornell University Library's acquisition of the collection, "Born in the          Bronx: The Legacy and Evolution of Hip Hop."

         An impressive array of hip hop's founders: Roxanne Shante, Popmaster Fabel, Disco Wiz, Pebblee Poo, Tony Tone,          Gandwizzard Theodore, Gandmaster Caz and Afrika Bambaataa.

         Why should we archive hip hop? What gets into an archive, and who controls it? Is there a particular narrative of the          genre's history that will be privileged over others?

         Mark Anthony Neal, professor of Black popular culture at Duke Univeristy, lectured and led a discussion on the          importance of hip hop.

         Tricia Rose, professor of Africana Studies at Brown Univeristy, spoke and answered questions about hip hop culture          and responsibility. Rose lecture summarized topics addressed in her book, The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About          When We Talk About Hip Hop and Why it Matters.

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