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Google Maps, Google Earth and the New Geography: Other Features

Introduction to the "My Maps" feature of Google Maps as well as well as sharing maps and viewing them in 3-D with Google Earth

Other Operations

1/ Add a placemark
            a/click button or select Add > Placemark
            b/position the cursor on the flashing square and move the mark
            c/name, description, style/color, view, altitude
            d/edit – right-click, select Properties (or Edit>Properties)
            e/share – right-click on placemark, select Share/Post; posting wizard appears; follow the instructions

2/ Add polygon – same features as placemark; click icon or Add>Polygon; cursor changes to a square-drawing tool; enter the properties as in placemarks
            a/ free-form shape – click once, hold, drag
            b/ regular shape – click and release; cursor remains a square drawing tool; click to a number of points to create the shape
            c/ combination – from free-shape to regular, release and click on a different  point; regular to free-shape – hold
            d/ 3D – click “Altitude”, “relative to…”, slide from ground to space, click “extend sides to ground”

3/ Add path – same as polygon

4/ Play a tour – in the “Places” panel click “Earth Gallery” > “Tours”; select something you like

5/ Display historical imagery – the small vertical lines on the timeline indicate dates of historical imagery availability

6/ Display the sunlight - drag time slider for different times of day

7/ Switch between Earth, Sky, Mars, Moon – in Sky mode, the sky is displayed above the current location on Earth

8/ Show ruler – measure distances (only line and path in free version)

9/ E-mail image

10/ Print

Flight Simulator

You can fly around the globe in Google Earth using the flight simulator feature. This allows you to operate a simulated aircraft using either your mouse or another controller:                      

- Click “Tools” > “Enter Flight Stimulator”

- Choose type of aircraft

Search for Places and Directions

1. Search for places            
a/search for specific locations using the "Fly To" tab
- enter the location in the input box and click on the Search button                       
- formats: city, state; city, country; street address; coordinates in the lat., then long. order                       
- most recent searches – saved; to delete: click the”x” at the bottom of the search results panel; to save a search result, drag to the “places” panel           

Search for businesses – top 10 results appear                       
- search term – in What box                       
- specific city – in Where box

3. Directions                       
- to get -- right-click on a point in the 3D viewer; click once on any result in the “Places” panel, select “to” or “from”; enter start and end in the              “Directions” tab                       
- to print – click “File > Print”, select the appropriate settings                       
- to tour – select the “Route” item at the end of the directions listing, click the “Play tour” button

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