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Google Maps, Google Earth and the New Geography: Google Maps: Basic Navigation

Introduction to the "My Maps" feature of Google Maps as well as well as sharing maps and viewing them in 3-D with Google Earth


Google employs a split-screen layout: on the right is the interactive map, and on the left is the directory information. The maps are viewable in three modes: standard map; satellite imagery; and terrain. Click and drag the map to zero in on the area of interest and use the zoom tool to get the level of detail you want. Using the satellite view, you can actually pick out individual buildings. The left panel shows the search results. You can hide it and display it again. You can also set a default location.


Depending on your location, Google Maps allows you search for a variety of different kinds of places. Click on one of them in the list below to learn more.

example: B&B near Trumansburg, NY
To search for businesses, do one of the following:
Navigate to the appropriate general location. Enter the business name and click Search Maps.
Enter the business name and approximate area and click Search Maps.
Search results appear in the left panel of the page and as icons on the map itself.
You can send search results to your car or in an email message. Learn more.
Search examples:
Thai food, 14850
pizza near dryden, ny 
hotels, Ithaca, NY

example: 8 Upland Rd., Cayuga Heights, NY
To search for an address, enter the address and click Search Maps. Search results appear in the left panel of the page and as markers on the map itself. Where possible, try using the following formats for addresses: "Address, city, state" or "Address, city, ZIP".
You can display a label on a location by using parentheses in your search terms.
Example: Corning, NY (Crystal City)

Roads and intersections
example: Penny Lane, Liverpool, UK
To search for an address, enter the street or intersection and click Search Maps. Search results appear in the left panel of the page and as markers on the map itself.
For roads, enter the road and city or town. For intersections, enter the same, but separate road names with "and" or "&”. For example:
Broadway & E 14th St, New York, NY

Places - Cities, towns, states, provinces, states and continents (example: Australia)
To search for cities, towns, airports, states, provinces, states or continents, enter the place name and click Search Maps. Search results appear in the left panel of the page and as markers on the map itself.

example: +38° 34' 24.00", -109° 32' 57.00"

Geographic features
example: Taughannock Falls

Overview of Features

1/ Get directions - driving, walking, biking, or public transportation

2/ My Places - View and create your own personalized custom maps.

3/ Search maps window

4/ Print - print out a map

5/ Link to this page - Create a web address (URL) for your map that can be easily shared with others.

6/ Show/Hide – hide or show the left panel

7/ Layers - hover over the widget in the right hand corner of the map to view available layers for your location, such as traffic, photos, Google Buzz, and more

8/Search results - left hand panel

9/ Navigation controls

10/ Map area

11/ Street View - the yellow peg-man on the map's zoom controls

12. Overview map – lower right corner; location of current map view in the context of a larger geographical area. The area currently displayed in the map is shown as a purple box in the overview map. At any time, click to hide the overview map or click to display it again; drag and drop to change location

Getting Directions

1/ Using the “From – To” – in the search field

2/ From info windows – right-click on two points to get directions

3/ Add destination

4/ Reverse – icon next to start-end boxes

5/ Public transportation; walking

6/ Traffic live or specific date, day, time

7/ Remove a destination -- click the “x” next to destination or right click on marker

8/ Edit a destination – drag marker

9/ Customize – drag points to change routes; click “show options” (avoid highways, etc.)

10/ Fly over the route – click on the “3D” button to the right of the start of the directions

Printing and Sharing

1/ Print – options
      a/text only
      b/maps – map snippets at each step of the itinerary
      c/ street view – snapshots of the locations at each step of the trip

2/ Sharing – send (for businesses also options phone; car–BMW, Mercedes, subscription; GPS)

3/ Link – paste in e-mail; paste HTML to embed in web site

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