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Finding Cartographic Resources Online: Census Maps

A guide to finding cartographic resources online.

Census Maps

Census Maps and Thematic Maps

Census Interactive Mapping

    Thematic Mapping
    Thematic maps show geographic patterns in statistical data, such as population or median income, displayed as color-coded areas on a map.

    Reference Maps
    Reference Maps show selected geographic boundaries for an area along with orienting features, such as roads. Boundary selections are available for geographic areas for which statistical data have been tabulated.

Census Maps as Downloads

    Links to publicly available printed maps and free, downloadable maps in Portable Document Format [PDF].



Marketing and Business


SimplyMap is a web-based mapping application that lets users quickly create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data for the United States

Historic Census Maps

Social Explorer

Social Explorer provides easy access to demographic information about the United States, from 1790 to present. Built more for creating instructional slide shows of census thematic choropleth maps. Coverage is extensive, but not even. Not made for downloading, but it is possible to build reports.

Historical Census Browser

Also easy to use. Data is at the county level only. Not meant for downloads.


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