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Biofuels and Biomass Energy (bioenergy): J. Commercial Applications

This Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library guide gathers disparate biofuels and biomass energy information resources in one place for convenient access and easy review. The primary focus is on resources produced in, or relating to, the United States.

Commercial Applications

This is a generalized brief list presented for familiarization only; it is in no way exhaustive. Also, use the advanced search category on – there are a fair number of ‘how-to’ videos prepared by commercial vendors.

An online business directory to locate suppliers for biofuel and biomass energy applications

BioEnergy is a privately-held science and technology company leading the development and commercialization of next generation biorefineries for the production of high-value bio-based chemicals and fuels from renewable feedstock, through the use of its proprietary biocatalyst technology.

The objective of the international biomass and biofuels marketplace BiofuelsB2B is to promote new opportunities in sales, supply, co-operation and investment in theses sectors. BiofuelsB2B is an online marketplace leader in biomass and biofuels markets where trade offers and inquiries are published, and industry news, info on trade shows and events is presented, along with consulting services, developing investment strategies, checking market and price trends, and acting as Agent internationally.

BiofuelsB2B is premium marketplace serving a

 The Source for Renewable Energy

Comprehensive buyer’s guide and business directory to renewable energy businesses and organizations around the world. Renewable energy businesses can be located by geographic location, by product type, by business type and by name, or search for businesses using keywords.


James & James International Supplier and Services Listings

Comprehensive and up-to-date international databases of suppliers of energy and environmental products and services. These databases incorporate industry-specific activity classification systems and are searchable by activity as well as by geography and company name. Each database is published in multiple formats.

The Cellulosic Ethanol Site is a comprehensive source for information on businesses actively involved in the cellulosic ethanol and algae energy sectors. This site is intended to cover every company active in those sectors where the focus is other than solely corn or biodiesel and where the biomass being used will produce a liquid fuel (in contrast to burning biomass to produce electricity or steam).


BBI International


Provides authoritative and accurate information and services to support the biofuels industry


Utah Biodiesel Supply

Full spectrum of information, supplies, kits, etc for the small-scale producer.


B100 Supply, LLC

This company's goal is to supply backyard brewers of biodiesel with the supplies they need at competitive prices. They offer books, scales, kits, labware, safety equipment and many of those hard to find items that make homebrewing biodiesel easier.

            Online marketplace for forest resources; maintains a forest biomass blog


Austrian Biofuels Institute
An international center of expertise on liquid biofuels (seems to be a private consulting firm).

            St. Croix corn and pellet stoves and inserts for home use

            Quadra-Fire pellet stoves and inserts for home use