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Biofuels and Biomass Energy (bioenergy): I. Patents

This Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library guide gathers disparate biofuels and biomass energy information resources in one place for convenient access and easy review. The primary focus is on resources produced in, or relating to, the United States.


The following list includes a variety of patent finding tools. It is presented in its entirety from a UC – Irvine LibGuide to the Environmental Sciences, authored by Julia Gelfand and available in full at

Patent tutorials and lists of patent depositories are noted on the Patent & Trademark Subject Guide

European Patent Office  

Information on searching patents, how to apply for a patent, legal issues and facts.



A German PTO patent database that permits bib data downloads from up to 250 patent records at a time.


Free Patents Online  

This site provides full text and images of US patents beginning with the patent number 4,000,000.


Google Patents  

A tool for searching the full text of the U.S. patent corpus. 7.3 M patents are included.



Locate specialized subject patent search sites, information, etc.


Japan Patent Office  

Can search for patents and also learn more about legal issues and procedures. Tutorial on how to search. Can search free-of-charge. The services are operational and are updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis respectively.


LexisNexisTM Academic  

Under "Legal Research" is a Patent Research section for searching of Patents (1971 to date), by individual category of Design Patents, Plant Patents or Utility Patents. Can also search by keyword, assignee, inventor, patent number, classification, and lawyer.


Derwent Innovations Index   

Derwent Innovations Index merges patent information from Derwent World Patents Index with the patent citation information from Derwent Patent Citation Index. Users can conduct patent and citation searches of inventions in chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering.



Maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization, this facility allows you to search 1,344,736 international patent applications and to view the latest information and documents available to the International Bureau.



A free collection of graphical, export, retrieval and analysis tools for patents.



This resource indexes over 13 million patents from the US, European and Japanese Patent Offices, as well as, WIPO.


U. S. Patent and Trademark Office  

Official source for U.S. patents and trademarks in full text from 1976 (full page images available since 1790) with links to the Library of Congress for copyright information.



WikiPatents is one of the largest free databases of patents open for public comment on the internet, allowing PDF downloading of patents, free patent translation into multiple languages and additional information and resources.


WIPO Intellectual Property Digital Library  

The Intellectual Property Digital Library Web site provides access to various intellectual property data collections currently hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization.