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Biofuels and Biomass Energy (bioenergy): E. Books

This Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library guide gathers disparate biofuels and biomass energy information resources in one place for convenient access and easy review. The primary focus is on resources produced in, or relating to, the United States.


Books have a very long lead time between initial research and final publication. Remember, the most current information can be found on wikis, press sites like UPI or BBC, and specialized online resources (such as those listed under the OVERVIEW or RESEARCH CENTERS categories).

 When using any of the following databases, keep in mind that the words you use to search, and the source you choose to search within, will affect your results. Think about your specific needs and options, be creative, try multiple sources/sites, and use advanced search options (if available). And don’t forget to ask a librarian for assistance.

 WorldCat is a universal portal to published information, particularly library holdings. The beauty of this system is that is breaks down biomass energy search retrievals into categories like language and format (DVD, book, article, magazine, government document, thesis, etc) If your search is exhaustive, this is probably the best first site to search.

 If you are affiliated with Cornell University, you can locate specific resources in the University’s collections by linking to the online catalog via ; if you are affiliated with another institution, connect via their online catalog portals. While the keyword ‘biofuel’ will yield some results, the controlled subject heading ‘biomass energy’ will find more material. Other relevant subject headings include agricultural wastes as fuel, biodiesel fuels, biogas, biomass conversion, energy crops, fuelwood crops, and wood waste as fuel.


Other sites to check include:

the SpringerLink e-book collection (                              Internet Public Library: Online Texts ,


To buy a book or locate a title to borrow through interlibrary loan, search Amazon at (there are over 20,000 books listed on biomass energy, biofuels and biodiesel).