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Biofuels and Biomass Energy (bioenergy): Full Text Resources

This Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library guide gathers disparate biofuels and biomass energy information resources in one place for convenient access and easy review. The primary focus is on resources produced in, or relating to, the United States.

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Full Text Resources

More and more full text documents are becoming available online. However, not all can be located using a simple Google search. Some can only be located by directly accessing specific websites such as those maintained by Land Grant universities, various foundations, associations and research centers, US government agencies like the USDA, DOE and EPA, or state extension offices. The following list is representative, not exhaustive, and is not presented in any particular order.


eCommons offers the opportunity to browse research and scholarship at Cornell University. Entrée is possible by subject, author, date, title, format or program.



University of Tennessee Extension Publications

Biofuels '101' (SP700-A)
Ethanol: A Primer (SP700-B)
Biodiesel: A Primer (SP700-C)
Growing and Harvesting Switchgrass for Ethanol Production in Tennessee (SP701-A)
Using Switchgrass for Forage (SP701-B)
Adjusting and Calibrating a Drill for Planting Switchgrass for Biofuels (SP701-C)
Woody Biofuels: Past, Present and Future (SP702-A)
Biomass Harvesting and Forest Stewardship: A Healthy Balance (SP702-B)
Short Rotation Woody Crops for Biofuels (SP702-C)
Potential Impacts on Wildlife of Switchgrass Grown for Biofuels (SP704-A)

News and Press Coverage

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2008 National Biofuels Action Plan


Department of Energy--Index and full text of DOE sponsored research literature. This includes literature indexed in the Energy Citations Database.

Information Bridge 1995 -present


This resource was developed by students and faculty of the Energy and Resources Group and Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley to review the current state of biofuels energy analyses. The researchers published their results in Science in January 2006.

The ERG Biofuel Analysis Meta-Model (EBAMM) 


This Department of Energy report summarizes the collective suggestions of a December 2005 workshop involving more than 80 scientists with expertise in various aspects of bioenergy production.

Breaking the Biological Barriers to Cellulosic Ethanol: A Joint Research Agenda 


Published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, this December 2004 report lays out an aggressive plan for how biofuels can become cost-competitive with gasoline and diesel, slash global warming emissions, improve air quality, and allow us to invest our energy dollars at home.

Growing Energy: How Biofuels Can Help End America's Oil Dependence 


This DOE report provides a detailed roadmap for cellulosic ethanol research.

            Breaking the Biological Barriers to Cellulosic Ethanol


USDA-DOE 2005 study on biomass energy and bioproducts potential


Links to full text resources:


Middlebury College Biomass Project


Rutgers Assessment Of Biomass Energy Potential in New Jersey


Translational Genomics for Bioenergy Production from Fuelstock Grasses: Maize as the Model Species


Biomass Crops as a Source of Renewable Energy: European Experience with Miscanthus and Projections for Illinois (PDF)


Miscanthus and Switchgrass: a Comparison of Two High Yielding Energy Crops


Rutgers Switchgrass Production And Use In NJ Fact Sheet