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Biofuels and Biomass Energy (bioenergy): Sources of Information

This Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library guide gathers disparate biofuels and biomass energy information resources in one place for convenient access and easy review. The primary focus is on resources produced in, or relating to, the United States.

Primary Periodicals


Specialized online web sites are great for keeping current, as are periodicals like magazines, journals and newspapers (specialized titles are excellent sources for browsing and keeping selectively up-to-date). Many of these are printed, some are universally available free online and others are available online only for a fee via a contract or through affiliation with an entity such as a college or university.

If you don’t have the time or energy to read through these many sources, you can use a specialty abstract or index, available in print or online, to search by keyword or author. And remember: locating sources of information is the bread and butter of the library. Share your questions and information needs with a librarian to customize your search and maximize your results.

This lengthy section will identify items which can help you located biofuels and biomass energy information; it is organized into the following 13 categories:

A. Introduction

B. Primary Periodicals

C. Secondary Periodicals

D. Newspapers, Newsletters and BLOGS (print and online) 

E. Databases and Indexes

F. Books 

G. Other guides on energy and the environment

H. Experts 

I. Additional Specialized Web Resources 

J. Patents

K. Commercial Applications 

L. Conferences and Symposia 

M. Conferences and Symposia