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7 Ways To Be A More Efficient Physicist: 2. Passkey

Tips for keeping current with literature, shortcuts to off-campus access, and more

2. Passkey

Do you access journals off-campus? 

Try this bookmarklet- and avoid having to go through the catalog


What: Passkey is a bookmark that lets you quickly authenticate as a CU person, when you're off-campus.

Do you access journals and databases from off-campus?

Try this bookmark to avoid having to go through the catalog, or to access resources after finding something through Google.


  • Drag the Passkey icon above to your bookmarks or favorites toolbar.
  • The next time you're off-campus and a publisher asks you to log-in, click the Passkey.  You'll be prompted for your CU netid.

  • Details are at CUL Labs (Cool Tools)

    Time Required: Less than one minute to set-up!

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