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7 Ways To Be A More Efficient Physicist: 4. Who's Citing Me?

Tips for keeping current with literature, shortcuts to off-campus access, and more

4. Citation Alerts

Get notified when you are cited!  Sign-up for emails or RSS feeds from Web of Science

Other Citation Alerts?

At this time, Web of Science is the big name in citation alerts (of the databases CUL subscribes to).  Some publishers are now offering similar services, for citations in their own journals.  For example Elsevier will alert you when you've been cited in any Elsevier journal. 

Keep an eye out for this- more publishers will probably be offering this service in the future.

Web of Science Alerts

Create an alert for an individual paper:

  1. You will need to create a login for Web of Science.
  2. View the full article record. In the right-hand side of the display is a blue box. Select "Create Citation Alert"
  3. Citation alerts can be delivered as an email, or RSS feed. You can change your settings in My Citation Alerts, found in the upper right-hand corner.


Create an alert for a cited reference search (multiple papers)

  1. You will need to create a login for Web of Science.
  2. Make sure you searching in Web of Science (Web of Knowledge does not offer this feature)
  3. Select the sub-menu, Cited Reference Search
  4. Enter your search criteria. You'll retrieve a list of articles by the author specified. Select the articles you'd like to track (you can also Select All)
  5. Click Finish Search
  6. To save this search and recieve future updates (email or RSS), go to the submenu Search History
  7. Select the checkbox of your search and click Save History/Create Alert
  8. Name your search and choose your email delivery preferences (if you just want the feed and no email, leave this blank). Select Save
  9. After saving this search, the RSS feed will become available (the orange "XML" button)
  10. To edit your search alerts in the future, or view the RSS feed, go to My Saved Searches in the upper right-hand corner.

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