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7 Ways To Be A More Efficient Physicist: 5. Feeds

Tips for keeping current with literature, shortcuts to off-campus access, and more

5. More Feeds

Get all your news, TOC, alerts, job postings, and more, together in one place- your feed reader. 

A Word About RSS...

Feeds bring content from the Web to you.  Instead of going to your 10 favorite web sites to see what's new, you can bring the latest from those 10 sites to one place, namely your RSS reader.

For more information about how to set up a RSS reader, see this guide:

Subject Search feeds

Subject Search Alerts notify you when articles are published that match your search criteria, for example topic or author.  Here's how it works in some databases used in Physics:

TOC from Publishers

Go directly to the publishers for TOC alerts, (or check ticTOCs, next box over -> )

RSS TOC Alerts:

Email TOC alerts


More Physics Feeds

ticTOCs: One-stop shopping for TOC

Check out a new, free service called ticTOCs. Access table of contents from 12,000 journals (this number is growing) and subscribe to the RSS feed.  More detailed instructions (and video)

However, note that Cornell does not have subscriptions to every journal listed in the service (but you can request specific articles through Interlibrary Loan)

Want a Jumpstart?

Want a jumpstart with feeds? Here's a file (an OPML file) that contains a list of Physics-related feeds. 

Save this file, and then import the file to your feed reader- you'll have a handful of feeds ready to go

This file contains feeds for PRL, Nature, Nature Physics. Science, Physics Today, CU Science and Technology News, new physics books at CUL, and our library news. You can of course add and delete individual feeds later- this is just meant to get you started.

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