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AEM 3250: Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management (Spring 2013): Market Research

A Mann Library guide to business plans, market data, business directories and research for AEM 3250 students.

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Sample question: "What is market share and how do I find it for my industry?"

Answer: Oxford's A Dictionary of Business (HF 1001 C74 in Reference) defines this concept as the,

"...share of the total sales of all brands or products competing in the same market that is captured by one particular brand or product, usually expressed as a percentage."

The Market Share Reporter and the World Market Share Reporter provide this type of data for many industries. These publications can be found electronically through Business & Company Resource Center or in print (HF5410 M34 and HF5410 W92, respectively, in Ready Reference).

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Market Research Resources

Use the following resources to find market share, identify competitors, and much more.

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