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Mathematics and Statistics: Citations

Organizing bibliograhies and citations

This LibGuide offers information on different citation managers which can help you organize your PDF and other electronic files while gathering research.  Many are BibTex compatible and work with scientific databases. 

MathSciNet Citation Searching

Citation searches are now avaialble in MathSciNet.

  • Go to the Author Citations tab
  • Search by author
  • Search results include over 420 journals from the year 2000 to the present, with select titles from 1997. More details on coverage...

MathSciNet Tutorials: now available directly through the database.

Google Scholar Citation Searching

Did you know Google Scholar has a service which allows you to track your citations?  You can see where your papers are being cited and how often.  Plus, you can create charts and graphs to show trends.  Also, create a public profile so people can search you and find your most recent publications.

You can learn more about Google Citations at their help page, which includes instructions on how to sign up for a free account and use the service to customize to your own needs.

Web of Science Citation Searching

  • Connect to the database Web of Science
  • Make sure you are searching in Web of Science (Web of Knowledge does not offer this feature)
  • Select the sub-menu tab, Cited Reference Search
  • Enter your search criteria (author, title, etc.)
  • Review the search results and select records of interest.  Select Finish Search to view the results.
  • Note:  You can also register to be notified by Web of Science when a specific paper is cited. Instructions here

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