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Keeping Current: Physics: Home

Current awareness resources for Physics including TOC, subject alerts, citation alerts, social networks, new books, and news items.


This guide covers different methods to stay current in your field: Physics. The purpose of this guide is to get you started. You will know what resources are the most useful for your research- these are just examples. It doesn't take long to set up any of these services, and in the long run will save you time!

  • Journal Table of Contents (TOC)- Stay up to date with your journals of interest
  • Subject Searches- Use database alerts to find new search results
  • Citation Alerts- when another author has cited your work
  • Sharing References- Connect with colleagues and share article citations
  • New Books- Browse new books in the field
  • News Feeds- News from publishers and professional societies
  • Learn more- Classes, resources, and your feedback

A Word About RSS...

Most of the information on this guide uses RSS feeds. 

What are RSS feeds? Feeds bring content from the Web to you. For example the latest news headlines, blog articles, scholarly articles, etc. are delivered (usually in XML format) to your feed reader. Instead of going to your 10 favorite web sites to see what's new, you can bring the latest from those 10 sites to one place, namely your RSS reader.

For more information about how to set up a RSS reader, see this guide:

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