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MUSIC 2260: Music of the 1960s (Spring 2015): In-Class Questions

A guide to research strategies, information resources, and library services compiled for Professor Benjamin Piekut's course, Music of the 1960s.

In-Class Questions

April 17, 2015

1. Name two broad CATEGORIES of research tools useful for discovering CITATIONS of scholarly sources such as articles.

(Answer: bibliographies, literature indexes)

2. What is the NAME of your music librarian's favorite literature index for discovering scholarly articles and other sources?

(Answer: RILM; but also check Music Index, especially for topics in popular music and jazz)

3. What's so great about the above-named tool (in this music librarian's opinion)? Name one of the most important features.

(Answer: Abstracts)

4. If you find out about a book or a book chapter, how do you locate that book in the Cornell library system? (Start at CUL home page.)

(Answer: Catalog--title of book, author)

5. If you find out about an article, how do you locate an electronic copy of that article in the Cornell library system? (Start at CUL home page.)

(Answer: Articles & Full Text--title of article, author)



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