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LA 5090: Master of Professional Studies Project: Geospatial Resources

Introduces students to the resources available at Cornell University Library with emphasis on the Erie Canal class project.

Cornell University Library Map Collection

The Map & Geospatial Information Collection houses a geographically comprehensive collection of over 400,000 maps, 4,200 books and atlases, 1,000 compact discs, and many other related research materials.

The Collection is a full depository library for federal government maps and digital spatial data. This core historic collection is supplemented by detailed international topographic mapping, historic and modern city plans, nautical charts of the world's oceans and seas, geological maps, reproductions of rare or historic maps, aerial photographs, globes and a growing collection of GIS data.

Please visit the Map Collection web site to browse various resources that we hope will help in your research.

The following pages provide links to selected GIS internet resources that have short annotations for your convenience. The resources have been grouped geographically.

GIS Data and Maps -- The United States

GIS Data & Maps - New York State

Cornell University Institute for Resource Information Sciences - a series of New York State aerial photographs.

CUGIR -- CUGIR is an active online repository in the National Spatial Data Clearinghouse program. CUGIR provides geospatial data and metadata for New York State, with special emphasis on those natural features relevant to agriculture, ecology, natural resources, and human-environment interactions.

New York State GIS Clearing House -- GIS data sets; links to GIS education and training opportunities; other state and Federal GIS resources, including downloadable data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the USGS; GIS user groups throughout New York; and GIS-related listservs.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery -- an exceptionally rich collection of atlases and maps, including over 1700 fire insurance and topographic map sets for the five boroughs of New York

New York State Museum – GIS datasets in Arc format; maps.

GIS Data & Maps -- United States

Geological Survey (USGS) - download maps and imagery using the Earth Explorer and National Map Viewer platforms





GIS Resources (download data)

ArcGIS Online - a cloud-based, collaborative content management system for maps, apps, data, and other geographic information.


Earth Explorer - research and download historical USGS data, such as Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles and Digital Line Graphs, or to access lidar point cloud data.


The National Map Viewer and Download Platform - visualize, inspect, and download the United States Geological Survey’s most current topographic base map data and products for free. Data include: Elevation, Orthoimagery, Hydrography, Geographic Names, Boundaries, Transportation, Structures, and Land Cover, while products include: US Topo and Historical Topo Maps. The National Map Viewer also allows visualization and identification queries (but not downloads) of other featured data, to include Ecosystems, Protected Areas, Gap Analysis Program Land Cover, Hazards, Weather, Wetlands, Public Land Survey System, and National Park Service Boundaries.


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