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LA 5090: Master of Professional Studies Project: Find Physical Items

Introduces students to the resources available at Cornell University Library with emphasis on the Erie Canal class project.

Search from the Library Home Page...

new catalog

 The current Cornell University Library catalog searches resources within and beyond the holdings of the library.


The New Library Home Page

Try our new catalog (still in Beta.) It combines all the strenghts of the previous catalogs with the convenience of one-box search and superior design.

Or search our "Classic" Catalog

For some searches, you will still can use our "classic" catalog. It searches ONLY items that Cornell University Library owns. For instance, it is the only place to search for an item if you only know the call number.


Sample Book Searches

If you know the exact title of the book

1. Enter the title in the search box: e.g. "The preparation and use of a property map for the town of Ithaca".
2. A list of results appear where the book title you entered is at the top of the list.
3. The item record appears that contains information about the title as well as its location and availability.

Watch a video tutorial here.

Sample Book Searches (cont'd)

If you don't know the exact book title:

1. Click on "Advanced Search"
2. In the search boxes enter your search terms
3. A list of results appears that contains your search terms. Click on a title you like
4. The item record appears that has information about the title as well as the library location and availability.

Watch a video tutorial here.

Finding the books on the shelves

Cornell University library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize and arrange its book collections. 

The system divides all knowledge into twenty-one basic classes, each identified by a single letter of the alphabet. For instance, most economics titles are assigned a classification number HB-HJ, Urban Studies materials are under HT, cartographic and geographic materials are under G, etc.



What to do if a book is not available

Books which are currently unavailable or not owned by Cornell may be requested through the virtual catalog of Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard and MIT. These are requested directly by the library patron. Registration is not required. There is no fee for this service. This service is called Borrow Direct

Items not owned by Cornell may be borrowed or a photocopy may be obtained from outside institutions. Choose the unit (Olin, Mann, Law, Geneva, Veterinary Library) which best suits your needs. A one-time is required. The unit you select during your initial registration will be the pick-up location for all material borrowed on Interlibrary Loan. There is no fee for this service. This service is called Interlibrary Loan.

Search for Maps in the Olin Map Collection

The maps in the Cornell map collection do not have individual item records and do not circulate. However, each title is cataloged and can be searched for in the library catalog using techniques similar to the book searches.

1. Search the new catalog
1.1. The results are grouped by format. The stand-alone maps are in the "Maps and Globes" section.
1.2. Since all maps are non-circulationg, the item status for them is always "on-site use." Please note that books and atlases that belong to the map collection, will have a status "available". This does not mean that they can be checked out, but are available for on-site use. The library's team of programmers currently work on language that will express better this relationship.

2. Search for maps in the classic catalog

2.1. Set search limits. This will weed all results containg your search terms, which are not maps.
2.2. Select how you want to limit the search (e.g. format, location, etc.)
2.3. Do a guided keyword search (equivalent to the advanced search in the current catalog.)
2.4. Select a record relevant to your search.

Watch a video tutorial here.

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