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COML 1109: Writing Across Cultures: Really Difficult Books: Reference Sources

Reference Stacks -- Main Floor of Olin Library

Subject encyclopedias can be a valuable resource  for many research topics.

Entries may clarify concepts and terminology and point to further sources of information.

Find a Reference Source for other topics

1. Look under Research on the Library Home Page -- Can you find a Library Guide relevant to your academic interests?

2. Browse by Library Congress of Classification

3. Search the library catalog! See below:

4. Ask a Librarian!

Go to the catalog by clicking the Catalog link below the search window. Next, select the Advanced Search.

On the first line, type encyclopedia dictionary guide [any] To search for any of those three terms

On the next line, add a broad topic term.

Try this search with a different topic, e.g. "dogs" or "biology" or "mechanical engineering" or any other broad, topic word you can think of.

Selected Reference Sources

For more suggestions, see the Reference Sources tab of the following guide:

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