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COML 1109.103: From Occupation to Occupy: Politics and Literature: Library Homepage

Library Research Guide

Homepage search

The search from the homepage will display several books, several journal articles, and other resources that match your key words, (with links to more results at the bottom of each column), but these results are not necessarily the best resources for your topic. For that, you may need the power of the catalog and subject datatabases.


Enter an exact title, or some key words or phrases that describe your topic.


Starting from the library homepage

Pop this title into the search on the library homepage:

The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures



Do we have it? In print? Online? Both?

Check the print version. Note the call number and check the Olin Stack Guide. (The guide is also posted next to the elevators, and on each floor, of Olin Library)

Are there other titles similar to this one?

Two approaches:

1. Click on the subject term links.

2. Select the Advanced Search and combine your own search terms.