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BME 4110: Science & Technology Approaches to Problems in Human Health (Fall 2015): Passkey

Recommended information resources for biomedical engineers.

What is Passkey?

What: Passkey is a bookmarklet (Firefox and IE) which lets you quickly authenticate as a CU person, when you're accessing resources outside the library website. This allows you to access resources restricted to Cornell users only.

  • In Firefox, drag the icon to your bookmarks toolbar

  • In Chrome, drag the icon to the bookmark toolbar (The bookmarks toolbar needs to be visible, you can try ctrl-shift-b to enable it)

  • In Internet Explorer, right-click the icon, add to favorites

  • For the iPad: In Settings/Safari, select Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark any page and add it to the Bookmarks Bar. Now edit the bookmark. Name it whatever you want, and then paste in the following (including the semicolon at the end):  javascript:void(location.href=""+location.href);

  • The next time you're off-campus and a publisher asks you to log-in, click the Passkey.  You'll be prompted for your CU netid.
  • Details are at Passkey.

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