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How to Cite US Government Documents in MLA, APA Citation Style: Congressional Reports and Documents

House and Senate Reports

Sample House report:

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001
Committee on House Administration. House  
 H. Rpt. 107-131, pt. 1  
DATE: July 10, 2001.  
CONG-SESS: 107-1.  

Reference list entry:
The example below includes "at 42" to indicate a specific page in the report.

H. Rep. No. 107-131, pt. 1, at 42  (2001)

In text citation:

House Report No. 107-131 (2001)


(H.Rep. No. 107-131, 2001)


Sample Senate Report:

TITLE: Investigation of Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns, Vol. 1
CIS-NO: 98-S403-1  
CIS-DATE: March, 1998  
SOURCE: Committee on Governmental Affairs. Senate  
DOC-TYPE: Report  
DOC-NO: S. Rpt. 105-167, vol. 1  
DATE: Mar. 10, 1998  
CONG-SESS: 105-2  

Reference list entry:

S. Rep. 105-167, vol. 1 (1998)

In-text citation:

Senate Report No. 105-167 (1998)


(S. Rep. No. 105-167, 1998)

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