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How to Cite US Government Documents in MLA, APA Citation Style: Congressional Record

Citing the Congressional Record in MLA Citation Style

Congressional Record

"In citing the Congressional Record (abbreviated Cong. Rec), give only the date, page numbers, and medium of publication consulted." (MLA Handbook 175)

Cong. Rec. 5 Aug. 2010: 6803 Proquest Congressional Publications. Web. 12 January 2012.

Cong. Rec. 5 Aug. 2010: 6803 Proquest Congressional Publicatons. Web. 12 January 2012 (statement of Sen. Feingold).

Citing Government Documents in the Body of the Paper (Parenthetical Citations)

MLA Style -- References in the body of the paper

MLA documentation style uses brief parenthetical citations in the text that lead to the list of works cited. To cite government documents in parenthetical references, the MLA Handbook refers users to page 224, Section 6.4.5. Citing a Work by a Corporate Author.

Following MLA Style guidelines, the first element in a parenthetical reference (generally, the author) should correspond to the first element in the List of Works Cited.

If you are referencing a number of legislative documents, you will need to include enough information in the parenthetical reference to direct the reader to the correct reference in the List of Works Cited.

"When giving the name of a corporate author in parentheses, shorten terms that are commonly abbreviated...." (MLA Handbook 224)

Example (Cong. Rec. 5 Aug. 2010 6803)

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