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PAM 3800: Human Sexuality: What is a Substantive
News Source?

A step-by-step guide to finding the needed resources for PAM 3800.

What is a substanative news source?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an article is a scholarly article or a substantive news article because the same journal may have both types of articles. For example, a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine would be "substantive news", whereas a research article further on in the issue would be "scholarly."

Here are some characteristics of substantive news sources:

  •     The language of these periodicals is geared to a general, educated audience
  •    The main purpose of these periodicals is to provide information
  •     Articles may be written by a member of the editorial staff, a scholar, or a free-lance writer
  •     May be published by professional organizations
  •     May be attractive in appearance with photos; some are in newspaper format
  •     While the article may be about empirical research, it is not the original publication of the research itself

Research Minute: Identifying Substantive News Articles

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