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PAM 3800: Human Sexuality: Detailed Assignment

A step-by-step guide to finding the needed resources for PAM 3800.

Detailed assignment requirements

Requirements for your journal entries

  •     Every three weeks, find and critique a scholarly journal article on the assigned lecture topics

 Requirements for sources for your paper

  • Locate a minimum of 8 scholarly sources on the topic you selected; see "Tips on negotiating your topic" below.
  • All eight sources must be recent (appropriate sources for the paper must be more recent than 5 years, and within the past three years for journal articles) scholarly sources; use the most recent you can find.
  • You may choose to cite additional sources beyond the required eight; these sources may be older.
  • The assignment is due on September 12th.

Tips on negotiating your topic

  • The most productive mindset when approaching your topic is to think about what kind of medical or psychological or social science research is likely to have been conducted on the subject.
  • For example, for the question "Is prostitution a victimless crime?" look for research on the frequency or the consequences of HIV transmission between prostitutes and their customers. How frequently do prostitutes transmit or become infected with HIV? What are the medical, cultural, or psychological consequences? This seems like a reasonable topic for medical or social science research. Certainly people who become HIV positive could be considered victims. Articles reporting research on prostitution and HIV transmission address the question, through the research data, of whether prostitution is a victimless crime.

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