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NS 5100/5410: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Health Studies: Case Study Resources

This resource guide provides guidance to students enrolled in the Division of Nutritional Sciences Certificate Program in Health Studies, including help in finding and evaluating scholarly information in the medical sciences.

Ebooks that Include Orthopedic Case Studies

Click the link under "Availability" in the Cornell library record to browse the full text of the ebook. 

To search for ebooks with cases on your topic, type the "topic" AND "clinical casebook" in the main search box on and click on "books" to browse. 


Journal of Medical Case Reports includes case reports that expand the field of general medical knowledge, and original research relating to case reports.

Filter PubMed results for Case Reports

1. On the filters column at the left of your search, under "Article Types" click "Customize" 

2. Select "Case Reports" and then click on it so that the blue check mark appears

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