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Library Research Guide


Presentation to class on 6/23/2015

Research Tools

Background Sources
For topic overviews, often including historical background and recent developments. Some subject encyclopedias also include a bibliography to lead you to further sources.

Searching the Catalog
To find medical texts, popular texts (written for the non-professional) and in some cases histories and primary source material.

--Browsing by subject heading and subheadings
--Combining key words and phrases
--Tracking down references

Finding scholarly journal articles
Searching discipline-specific databases to find scholarly articles (secondary sources, but see note at bottom)*

Magazine and News Articles (and other primary sources)
From popular (non-specialist) magazines and newspapers and other sources

--Finding current articles (non-scholarly) in popular (general interest) magazines and news sources
--Finding historical articles (non-scholarly) in popular magazines and news sources
--And more ...

Citing Your Sources

Ask a Librarian!

*Note: In the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, you may also find historical, scholarly articles that reflect the understanding of a disease or condition at that time in history. These could also be primary sources.