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BioNB: 1220 Addiction Unwoven: exploring drugs, the brain, and behavior: Introduction

Section 102

Welcome to the BioNB 1220 Guide

This research guide was designed to help you find information pertaining to the study of neurobiology and behavior. 

The Library Catalog tabprovides information on using the new library global search box and provides a map for the Mann Library book stacks.

The Evaluating Credibility tab provides a tool to use when evaluating the validity and credibility of a resources. In addition there is a simple assignment to use when studying the differences between Google and a library database.

The Creating a List of Keywords tab gives simple instructions for brainstorming a topic and also has a short video on how to turn a topic statement into a series of keywords.

The Finding Scholarly Articles tab provides a list of databases useful to the life sciences. In addition, there is information on how to search "Web of Science", how to read like a scientist, and how to trace a popular science article back to a peer reviewed journal.

The Managing Information tab provides information on correct citation of resources, and how to use RefWorks to manage citations.

The Research Strategies tab provides informaton about the research cycle, reading a citation, and finding background informaton on a topic.


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