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BioG 1500 Tutorial: Finding Primary Literature using Web of Science

Using Web of Science

You're about to do a research project on how an organism is affected by certain conditions. What have other scientists already discovered that will support or refute your results? To find out you'll have to look for scholarly or peer-reviewed sources on your topic. It's easy to find information, but the trick is knowing how to get the best information quickly and efficiently to improve your grades and research. This tutorial is designed to help develop your literature searching skills as you engage in your research project.

The skills you will learn are focused on the idea of searching as a process you follow to find information and will be transferable to most of your information seeking needs. For the purpose of this exercise we will use a database called Web of Science). By the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Define your topic and identify its main concepts and keywords
  • Use effective search techniques to find primary, peer-reviewed articles on your  topic and find the full-text articles
  • Evaluate, save and cite your sources

BioG 1500 students:

  • Complete the Primary Literature Worksheet as you do the tutorial. Mandatory assignment questions are in red.
  • The assignment due date will be indicated by your TA. All instructions needed for successful completion are provided within the tutorial and your assignment. If you need clarifications, face any technical trouble during the exercise or have questions about the content of the exercise, send an email to your librarian, Kelee Pacion, at All other questions should be directed to your TA.       

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