GOVT 1101.106: Power and Politics: African Elections (Fall 2016): Searching the catalog

Finding Information for Country Reports

Search tips

From the library homepage, open the Catalog.




Enter a few search terms, for example a country name and topic terms:

(country name) and democracy

(country name) and protest*

(country name) and authoritarian

(country name) and dissent

etc. !




Open records to find the subject heading/subheading links.


















It's checked out!

No worries.

Simply request the book via BorrowDirect (3-5 days)

In the meantime, don't forget to try the subject heading/subheading links in the books you find. They may lead you to additional sources.


Open the catalog

From the homepage, open the Catalog.

Sample search: Africa and authoritarian

After entering a simple keyword search, open some of the more promising results, and check the subject heading/subheading links for more titles

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