GOVT 1101.106: Power and Politics: African Elections (Fall 2016): Finding scholarly articles

Finding Information for Country Reports

Searching databases ...

-- Start with one or two key terms or phrases

-- Place quotation marks around phrases

-- Add terms with AND to narrow your search, e.g. Angola AND elections

--Search for similar terms,and expand your search, by adding "OR" between terms, e.g.

            (country name) AND (dissent OR "political participation" OR "public opinion")

If a full-text link isn't provided, click the Get it! Cornell link to locate the full-text.


Ask a Librarian if you don't find the full text!

A note about searching:

Databases are not able to interpret keyword searches that describe the relationship between concepts -- in, on, between, etc. .

Searching for public opinion in Iraq will also find many articles on public opinion about Iraq. The database is simply looking for the phrase "public opinion" and the term "Iraq." 

Sometimes it will help to eliminate terms and phrases you don't want.

Ask a Librarian for help. We have a little practice with this!

Example: iraq AND politics NOT ("united states" OR war).

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