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ASRC 1840: The Prize and the Peril: African Nations at Fifty: Primary Sources


What makes a source

Depends on the topic;
it can be complicated. 

Talk specifics with your professor.

Very basic, simplistic definition:
What is a primary source?

Newspapers Tips

With the exception of the
collections listed here,
newspapers are generally
not available full text before 1980,
especially non-US papers.

But older newspapers are
often available on microfilm

and can be interlibrary loaned.
There will be no index and
using newspapers on microfilm
is hard, time-consuming work.

To locate newspapers on
microfilm, use  Worldcat: 

country = subject
newspaper* = keyword,
limit =
serial publications
format = microfilm. 
Do NOT specify dates.

Newspaper Collections

Primary Sources in Print

Lots of historical primary sources are published as books. Browse footnotes and bibliographies of secondary source books, encyclopedias, and articles for the titles of published primary sources. 

Or, search the Library Catalog for published primary sources. Use the advanced search with subject terms such as:

personal narratives


Or, search on a topic and then limit by publication year using the option to the left of a search results:

The date of publication of a book is not always an indication of whether something is a primary source.  A modern, critical edition of a published primary source will have a recent date of publication.

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