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AEM 2700: Business Communications (Spring 2015): Introduction

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AEM 2700 Tutorial Introduction

You are working for a recruiting firm that helps companies fill high level positions and you need to prepare a short presentation on StreamVideo (a new streaming video company), its industry and competitors, and the audience it caters to for your team so they know the context of the position you are helping fill. You will need to find high quality information (including news about the market and industry and the audience the company caters to), access and evaluate it, and cite it properly. The following tutorial will show you how to:

  • identify the characteristics of different types of resources that make them either reliable or unreliable
  • identify and access important sources of market news including the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Reuters, Financial Times, and the New York Times as well as databases that includes these and other trade and industry sources.
  • define psychographics and demographics
  • identify and effectively use appropriate resources for psychographic and demographic research
  • identify the purpose of in-text citations and bibliographic citations
  • create accurate in-text citations and bibliographic citations for books, newspapers, popular journals, websites, and visual materials using the APA style format using RefWorks (a popular citation management tool) or by hand
  • identify and demonstrate acceptable college-level research and writing behavior

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