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How to: Use Social Media in Business: Wikis

What is a Wiki?

Wiki - A Web site which allows users to add and edit content collectively. Wiki stands for "quick" in Hawaiian and is a common form of Web-based collaboration.

5 reasons to use wikis

  1. Edit them from anywhere, wikis are on-demand.
  2. No Web creation software needed.
  3. More than one person can edit the same page from any computer with Internet access. This means that if more than one person is collaborating on a site, then you will never get confused (as you can with email) about what the latest version is.
  4. You can upload files to a wiki so that everyone can download them and share them.
  5. Use wikis to connect to other people within your industry, identify wikis from trade clubs, groups and associations, and share your knowledge.

Wikis in business - Why should you care?

Consider this: A free-hosted wiki provider Wetpaint has recently announced it raised a total of $40 million in venture capital. This is a major financial validation of the wiki world that went from being known as a place for teenage starlet fan clubs to winning a reputation as a serious publishing platform.

With more than $63 million spent by enterprises on wikis last year and over $450 million projected by Forrester for 2013, wikis are becoming a very popular, widely-used tool for project management work.

Use a wiki as a personal on-demand notepad with version history, collaborative space for any group projects/discussions, or an organizing tool for research materials.

Wikis in just under 4 minutes

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