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How to: Use Social Media in Business: Blogs

Where do I find blogs?

Use one of these search engines to find either blogs or blog posts on a certain subject:

Blogs in business - Why should you care?

The active blog universe is estimated to be over 13 million, with 40,000 new blogs popping up each day. And while most blogs are completely irrelevant to you, that leaves at least 40 new ones every day that could be revealing job opportunities, talking about your business, discussing your competitors or looking for deals and partners.

As your employers, customers and rivals are figuring blogs out, mastering this channel is no longer a business elective, it's a prerequisite. Read more about how "Social Media Will Change Your Business" in a 2008 BusinessWeek Report.

Blogs in just under 3 minutes

Do you need it?

The easiest way to get started is a hosted blogging platform. Here are the most popular choices that are freeto use and require minimum setup:

How do I blog?

This "How to Blog: A Beginner's Blog Publishing Guide" gathered all of the essential resources you'll need to get started. Chapters include detailed information on how to:

  • Choose a niche
  • Decide where to host your blog
  • Set up a desktop editing application
  • Decide what to write
  • Find images
  • Promote your blog

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