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How to: Use Social Media in Business: RSS

What is RSS?

RSS - A format for distributing or syndicating Web content, including blogs, podcasts, news, and more; subscribers receive content as soon as it is published; content can be remixed and republished elsewhere.

Searching RSS feeds

Many people mistakenly refer to RSS search as "blog search." While many blogs offer RSS feeds, it's important to remember that news, weather, package tracking, company, trade and financial sites also syndicate content via RSS for your convenience.

RSS - Why should I care?

If you spend a significant amount of time each day checking the same sites for news, weather, interesting blog posts, company and financial updates, RSS is for you. Imagine how easy life could be if all those updates came to YOU instead? You log into your Inbox and there it is - today's news stories, your company announcements, industry search updates - you get the picture.

RSS keeps track of the changes to pages and documents, and delivers them to you. RSS feeds are most often attached to text, images, podcasts and video, but they can be used with any document (word processing and spreadsheets) that has content that changes.
According to Technorati, there are more than 30 million RSS feeds available online. Most mainstream news and information sites publish RSS feeds, making you more productive and knowledgeable, both at work and at home.

Businesses use RSS both internally (enterprise applications, blogs, reports) and externally (industry news, competitive information, blogs). RSS feeds can also be used for brand monitoring, crisis communications, internal/executive communications and competitive intelligence.

RSS in just under 4 minutes

Do you need it?

To view RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader (also called an aggregator). Sign up to easily read, e-mail, save or clip content:

How to add a feed

There are two ways you can add an RSS feed for the site you want to receive updates from to your RSS Reader.

  1. Most common: Copy feed URL and paste it into an "Add a subscription" field in your RSS Reader.
  2. Click the "Subscribe" link or the  button on the site you want to receive updates from and follow their directions.

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