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HORT 2150 Coffee, Cloves and Chocolate: Plant Explorers and Thieves: Introduction

Coffee, Cloves and Chocolate: Plant Explorers and Thieves

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Welcome to the HORT 2150Guide.  This guide was designed to help you find information pertaining to the study of historical crop development and its relation to agriculture.  To find information relevant to the topics one chooses, it will be necessary to consider the following:

  • Consider where that information might have been published, collected or compiled. 
  • Identify the finding tools that will index the source or sources and help in discovery of relevant information.  
  • Think about the variations on the words used to describe your topic, since it will be words or subject terms that will be used to search.

    Always feel free to ask a librarian for advice on the appropriate finding tool.

The guide is divided into several tabs:  

Each tab is designed to be used sequentially, but feel free to re-visit as you work through the research process.

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