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Asian 2262: Anime & Film in Japan: Home

A basic guide to doing research in the humanities at CUL, with emphasis on resources for the study of Japanese film and animation.

Research Skills

Finding Background Information
Find topic summaries, key concepts, terminology and reference lists

Finding Books 
Using the Library and Classic Catalogs

Requesting Items Not Available at Cornell 
Use BorrowDirect and Interlibrary Loan

Finding Articles
Find articles, essays, book chapters and monographs

Evaluating your sources
Tips on evaluating the material you've found

Citing your sources 
Guides and Resources for preparing your bibliography

When in doubt, get help: 
Ask a Librarian!

Welcome to the Library!

Quick Poll

When you are assigned to do a critical/research paper as a project for a class, what is the order in which you usually work?  Arrange the following stages in the order typical for you, skipping any steps that you do not usually take:

A) Drop to your knees and pray
B) Drink copious amounts of coffee
C) Determine the general topic (if it is not specifically assigned) 
D) Go to Wikipedia or similar websites to grasp the outlines of the subject
E) Throw some ideas down on paper, just to see where they lead you

F) Search for annotations to back up the points you've made
G) Shut yourself up in a quiet place with your notes to focus and write

H) Use the library catalog in various ways to discover books, articles and databases related to your project
I) Reread your paper from beginning to end, to see if the writing is smooth, clear and correct, and the arguments cogent, logical and connected  
J) Visit/phone/text/email a librarian for help in finding reliable/recent/relevant sources related to your topic
K) Mine the bibliographies of the books and articles you find to discover additional resources 
L)  Refine your topic or your approach to the topic (ideas and keywords for further research) by engaging with critical, scholarly and popular writings 
M) Take notes on important facts or copy key lines from sources you discover, to use as quotations/annotations (not neglecting to keep notes on the page numbers where these appear!)

Subject Guide

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Dan Mckee
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Sample Paper Topic

For the purposes of this session, let's imagine that you have decided to write on the film 'Godzilla' and explore it as a statement on U.S.-Japanese relations in the war and occupation periods.  How would you go about starting this project?