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ASRC 1500: Introduction to Africana Studies: Summon Search/Information

About Summon

Summon: Search Screen

Diagram of Cornell collections included in Summon


The Articles, Ebooks... search box uses the Summon search engine to search approximately 800 million items, including but not limited to:

  • scholarly journal articles
  • newspaper articles
  • ebooks
  • audio files
  • video files

It draws from many full-text and article-indexing databases as well as digital repositories from colleges, universities, research centers, and other open-access archives on the web.

Summon will search a large portion of Cornell's collection, with the exception of books in the catalog.

In order to find these, take a look at the books & more tab.

Please visit here for more information about summon.

Getting started with Summon

To access summon, go to the Cornell Library site: and click on the "Articles, Ebooks..." tab. 

Enter your search terms in the search box and hit go; or go to the advanced search page:

The Results list

The resulting screen will give you the results list.  The results list will provide you with citation information for the resources, the type of resource (Journal, Newspaper, Ebook, etc.) and when a resource is available, a link to the "Full Text Online".

Limiting results

The results list will often be large, and in some cases overwhelming.  On the left hand side of the screen you will notice a number of ways you can "Refine your Search" including by date, resource type, language and subject. 


Take advantage of these limits to help ensure the most relevant results possible.

What if we do not own the resource!

You will come across some resources that have a link that say "Citation Online" as opposed to "Full Text Online".

If something says "Citation Online" it most likely is not immediately available.  Go to the Get It! tab to find out more about getting resources outside of the Cornell Library system.

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