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AEM 2420: Marketing (Spring 2015): Start Here

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Welcome! and Using this guide.

This guide will cover the materials necessary for completing your Data discovery project.  Be sure to explore all of the tabs above as each of them will cover different materials and will offer different approaches.


Knowing where to go will go a long way towards helping you complete this assignment.  No two databases offer the same exact articles. There should be no shortage of results on a topic like sexual violence, so if one resource does not work, try another.  Also, many databases offer information with a certain subject slant to them.   Be sure to consider that an education database will typically offer results with a slant towards education, and a psychology database will offer a slant towards psychology.  Finally, some of your research will require you to use Google.  This is perfectly acceptable, but be sure to stick with reliable and authoritative resources if you use Google.

Subject Guide

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