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ENGRC 3350: Communications for Engineering Managers (Summer 2018)

Selected Databases in Science and Engineering

These are databases that index peer-reviewed journals, technical reports and conference proceedings in science and technology. Each one has a different focus.

For a complete list of databases, see Databases A-Z.

Using Electronic Library Resources: 5 Tips

  • We prioritize electronic library resources. Electronic library resources (journals, databases, ebooks, etc.) are now the majority of the materials used by Cornell patrons every year. We consider them our main 'service'. 


  • They cost a lot. Some journal and ebook subscriptions can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This is due to a variety of reasons (for a brief discussion, see this poster), but the fact is information isn't free--it isn't even cheap!


  • You will lose most access when you graduate. Almost all of the library resources we purchase are site-licensed, meaning that only current Cornell students, faculty and staff can get access. When you graduate, you will lose access! So use them now.


  • You should (usually) not need to use any special login or create any additional user profiles other than your regular Cornell NetID and password. If you are trying to get access and are being told by the site--not by Cornell--to sign in or create a profile, then that's usually the sign that something has gone wrong. Try using Passkey (see above) or, make sure . . .


  • You should always access resources via the Cornell Library homepageTrying to access a database or e-journal via the 'open internet' (i.e. by just finding it via Google search) will likely result in you not being recognized as a Cornell user and not being granted access.


Do you live off-campus? Are you studying abroad, doing an internship or co-op or attending a conference? Are you having difficulty getting access to licensed library resouces?

If so, try using PassKey. PassKey is designed to give Cornell community members access to licensed library resources while they are away from campus.

PassKey does not require any installation: Just click on the link or button below, put in your NetID and you should be granted immediate access.


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